Meeting Participants

Our mission is to establish a consumer presence and voice at Mental Health Board and other meetings with the purpose of advocating for fairness, justice, and respect for consumers; inform and educate consumers about meeting developments that may impact their treatment and services; and empower them to speak out for themselves.

Our Vision

All consumers will have a voice and representation in the county Mental Health Department meetings.

Meeting participants focus on the Mental Health Board meetings and their various committee meetings. We participate by:
- Advocating for the consumer voice
- Summarizing the meetings in our notes
- Publishing what may be relevant to consumer in the Consumer Affairs newsletter.

In addition to attending Mental Health Board and committee meetings, meeting participants are sometimes invited to attend other County Mental Health meetings such as the Data Advisory Committee, Full Service Partnership, Internal Review Board and Operations meetings.

The meeting participant program is a vital part of the county’s decision making process. It is an invaluable resource because we bring our unique perspectives to the Mental Health Board meetings, Consumer Affairs and the consumer population whom we represent. Our goal for this year is to focus on full and complete coverage of all the Mental Health Board meetings.

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