Continuous Learning, Cultural Competency, and Decision Support Divisions

Continuous Learning Unit

The Continuous Learning Unit provides trainings for the Behavioral Health Services Department staff and its contractors' staff. Additionally, it oversees one of the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) components, Workforce, Education and Training (WET), which includes providing training for consumers and family members. Future WET activities will include scholarships for mental health related certificate, school programs, and developing mental health career pathways for consumers and family members.

Cultural Competency Unit

Behavioral Health Services Department Cultural Competency Unit is committed to providing culturally and linguistically proficient services to people affected by mental illness. Most services are provided in the major languages spoken by county residents, by skilled staff using the individual's culture as a foundation for service delivery. The Unit develops and monitors the Cultural Competency Plan for the Behavioral Health Services Department, and works with the Continuous Learning Unit in providing trainings for the Public Behavioral Health System staff.


Decision Support Unit

The Decision Support Unit provides support to the Behavioral Health Services Department by research and analysis of data collected by the system. Data inputted into Behavioral Health Services Department’s management information system (MIS) is routinely analyzed to help the system make informed data driven decisions. Decision Support also utilizes data from other sources such as the Biannual Consumer Survey and data used to track the Full Service Partnership (FSP) Program in an effort to provide relevant information. New data collected from the Milestones of Recovery Scale (MORS) and Client Informed Outcome Measures (CIOM) is being incorporated into the reporting structure to assist the Department in the improvement of service delivery.​​

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