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Jeanne Moral - Program Manager III

Jeanne Moral, Behavioral Health Division Director, oversees the Systems Initiatives, Communication, and Planning Division, including the MHSA Team that manages the County’s MHSA community planning process. Jeanne has been with the County of Santa Clara since 2006, initially with the Health and Hospital System and subsequently with the Behavioral Health Services Department. Jeanne has found it rewarding to be working in the community she grew up in, helping support the development of new programs that benefit the residents of Santa Clara County. In addition, she finds the community engagement and collaboration aspect of the work motivating. On the weekends, you will likely find Jeanne enjoying the outdoors and spending time with her family and friends. Jeanne is a proud San Jose State University alum and holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration with a Concentration in Health Services Administration from the University of San Francisco. 
Email: [email protected]

Roshni Shah

Roshni Shah, Program Manager III, oversees the MHSA team and serves as the MHSA Manager and Coordinator for Santa Clara County. Having worked for the County of Santa Clara since 2012 in the Santa Clara County Public Health Department, Social Services Agency and now the Behavioral Health Services Department, Roshni is committed to improving the health and well-being of her community, being a Santa Clara County native herself. With her dual masters in Research Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Roshni “loves to make data dance!”, as her colleagues say, with her unique ability to integrate story telling as a means of utilizing data to drive decision making and inform strategic planning in Santa Clara County. When Roshni is not in front of numbers, she enjoys taking walks, practicing mindfulness and spreading positivity in any way she can!
Email: [email protected]


Jeannette Ferris

Jeannette Ferris is the Workforce Education & Training Coordinator/Manager. Jeannette was inspired to work in her field due to her desire to contribute and help people address their health needs so that they have meaningful and productive life experiences, which stems from her early work at a non-profit agency and from her family history. She studied Cultural Anthropology at UC Santa Barbara and received her Master’s degree in Community Health Education at San Jose State University. In her spare time and on the weekends, Jeannette likes to connect with family and friends, practice hot yoga, work on home improvement projects and catch up with her favorite TV shows.  
Email: [email protected]
Workforce, Education and Training (WET)


Juan Miguel Munoz-Morris

Juan Miguel Munoz-Morris is the MHSA Innovation Manager. He is proud of his family’s history of public service and continuing in their footsteps. He’s enjoyed living in multiple places and experiencing different cultures and enjoys spending time outside with his family on the weekend. Although he wanted to be a professional cyclist when he was young, Juan Miguel is happy to be a part of the BHSD team.
Email: [email protected]
Website: Innovation (INN)

Rebeca Lopez MHSA team

Rebeca Lopez, Program Manager II, oversees two MHSA components: Community Services & Supports (CSS) and Prevention & Early Intervention (PEI). She provides regulatory and technical support to MHSA-funded programs. Prior to working in the Behavioral Health Services Department, Rebeca spent over 15 years in higher education and medical education supporting academic research and compliance. She holds a master’s degree in public health from CSU Fresno. Rebeca was born and raised in California’s Central Valley and is now proud to call Santa Clara County home.
Email: [email protected]
Website: Community Services & Supports (CSS) ; Prevention & Early Intervention (PEI)

Siobhan Burgos

Siobhan Burgos is the MHSA team’s peer support intern. A recent graduate from San Jose State University's undergraduate Public Health Program with a background in behavioral and mental health, Siobhan is a passionate about bettering the community she grew up in and helping the MHSA program provide it's essential services.   Currently, Siobhan plans to pursue a master’s in Public Health in either Environmental Public Health or Epidemiology. In her free time, Siobhan loves to hike and explore new places around the Bay Area.
Email: [email protected]

Pooja Singh

Pooja Singh is the MHSA team’s graduate intern, supporting many aspects of the community planning process. She is an MBA candidate from San Francisco State University and has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering. Pooja worked as a business analyst before deciding to spend time with her children, and she is now is enjoying being a full-time student and finding new professional opportunities. Pooja loves to spend time with her family in the outdoors and loves discovering all the wonderful food the Bay Area has to offer.
Email: [email protected]

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