MHSA Stakeholder Leadership Committee

Since 2005, the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Stakeholder Leadership Committee (SLC) has been in place to provide input and to advise the County Behavioral Health Services Department (BHSD) in its MHSA planning and implementation activities. The MHSA SLC serves as the BHSD’s primary advisory committee for MHSA activities. The MHSA SLC consists of representatives of various stakeholder groups, including consumers, family members and underserved cultural communities. The MHSA SLC members review, comment and provide input on MHSA plans and annual updates. MHSA SLC meetings serve as a forum to assure wide-ranging representation in the MHSA community planning process. All MHSA SLC meetings are open to the public and allow for public comment. Throughout the year, the BHSD holds MHSA SLC meetings to discuss MHSA-related business and programs.

If you are interested in applying for any of the vacant positions:

If you have any questions about the MHSA SLC or the application process, please email [email protected].


MHSA Stakeholder Leadership Committee Members
SLC Membership Slot Member Information
1. Client/Consumer vacant
2. Client/Consumer Peggy Cho
3. Client/Consumer vacant
4. Client/Consumer Eddy Alvarez
5. Client/Consumer Lorraine Zeller
6. Family Member of Client/Consumer vacant
7. Family Member of Client/Consumer Kathy Forward
8. Family Member of Client/Consumer Mohamed Ali

9. Family Member of Client/Consumer

Wesley Mukoyama, LCSW (retired)

10.    Family Member - Foster Care

Nicole Steward, MSW
11.    Veteran/Veteran Advocate vacant
12.    Cultural Competence Leah Hodge
13.    Cultural Competence LouMeshia Brown, LMFT
14.    Disabilities in Education Advocate Rochelle Fong
15.    Service Provider – SUTS Anthony Miner, Psy.D.
16.    Service Provider – Children and Families Christophe Rebboah, LMFT
17.    Service Provider – Underserved Youth Cheryl Engelstad, MFT
18.    Service Provider – Transitional Aged Youth Sparky Harlan
19.    Service Provider – LGBTQ Jackson Roach
20.    Service Provider – Adult/Families Miguel Valencia, Ph.D.
21.    Law Enforcement vacant
22.    Public Education Yukta Gautam 

23.    Adult/Refugee Health Advocate

Armina Husic

24.    Social Services Provider

Dolores Garcia

25.    First Five (0-5) Kelsey Pennington Bhatnager, Director of Community Health & Wellness, First 5 Santa Clara County 
26.    TAY / LGBTQ vacant
27.    LGBTQ vacant
28.    College-Age Youth Advocate vacant
29.    Department of Aging and Adult Services Diana Miller
30.    Faith-Based vacant
31.    North County Mary Gloner, MPH, MBA
32.    South County - Provider Erin O'Brien, President & CEO, Community Solutions
33.    South County - Client/Consumer/Family member vacant
34.    Native American Community vacant
35.    Refugee Community vacant
36.    Transitional Aged Youth (for TAY ages 18-25) vacant
37.    Older Adult Community vacant
38.    Justice Involved Client and/or Family Member vacant
39.    Office of Supportive Housing (OSH) Consuelo Hernandez, Director, Office of Supportive Housing
40.    Valley Homeless Healthcare Program (VHHP) Irene Guerra, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist
41.    Probation Department Laura Garnette, Chief Probation Officer
42.    Office of Pretrial Services Matthew Fisk, Director, Pre-Trial Services
43.    Office of  Re-Entry Services Javier Aguirre, Director, Office of Re-entry Services
44.    Superior Court Office of the District Attorney Tasia Wiggins, Director of Victim Services
45.    Office of the Public Defender Mairead O'Keefe, Attorney IV, Public Defender
46.    Public Guardian Office (PGO) Mary Ann Warren, Director, Department of Aging and Adult Services
47.    Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) Mary Ann Dewan, Ph.D., County Superintendent of Schools
48.    Santa Clara School Superintendent Dr. Shelly Viramontez, Superintendent, Campbell Union School District
49.    Co-Chair Sherri Terao, Ed.D., IFECMH Specialist, RPFM, County of Santa Clara Director, Behavioral Health Services
50.    Co-Chair Anne Baumgarten, County of Santa Clara Behavioral Health Board Chairperson


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