MHSA Stakeholder Leadership Committee

Since 2005 the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Stakeholder Leadership Committee (SLC) has been in place to provide input and to advise the County Behavioral Health Services Department (BHSD) in its MHSA planning and implementation activities. The MHSA SLC serves as the BHSD’s primary advisory committee for MHSA activities. The MHSA SLC consists of representatives of various stakeholder groups, including consumers, family members and underserved cultural communities. The MHSA SLC members review, comment and provide input on MHSA plans and annual updates. MHSA SLC meetings serve as a forum to assure wide-ranging representation in the MHSA community planning process. All MHSA SLC meetings are open to the public and allow for public comment. Throughout the year, the MHD holds MHSA SLC meetings to discuss MHSA related business and programs.



The Behavioral Health Services Department is looking for dedicated client/consumer families and advocates to fill up current vacant seats in the Stakeholder Leadership Committee (SLC) to inform MHSA Planning. This is the list of current vacancies:

               a. South County Representative
               b. LGBTQ Communities Representative
               c. Veterans advocates
               d. Client/Consumer
               e. College-age youth advocate       

*Please use the following link to complete and submit an application: MHSA SLC Application

 *To learn more about the role, use this link: MHSA SLC Roles and Responsibilities

If you have any questions about the MHSA SLC or are interested in applying, please email [email protected].


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