Prevention & Early Intervention

Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) provides funding for outreach programs for families, providers, and others to recognize early signs of mental illness and to improve early access to services and programs for suicide prevention and to reduce stigma and discrimination.  This component emphasizes programs that prevent mental illnesses from becoming severe and disabling, as well as improving timely access to services for underserved populations. Key emphasis is placed on strategies that reduce disparities for underserved ethnic and cultural populations, as well as negative outcomes that may result from untreated mental illness.

Below is Santa Clara County’s initial PEI plan, which was approved by the State in September 2009.


School Linked Services (SLS)

Project 2 Investment Communities

Central Region Investment Plan (rev. 8/10/11)

East Region Investment Plan (rev. 8/10/11)

MHSA Project 2 Strengthening Families and Children Letter (rev. 8/10/11)

North County Investment Plan (rev. 8/10/11)

South County Investment Plan (rev. 8/10/11)


Supplemental Assignment of PEI Statewide Project Fund

Supplemental Assignment Agreement of PEI Statewide Project Fund


PEI Documents

Appendix A – High Risk Areas (HRA) Map, Matrix & Methodology

Appendix B – Every Child Has a Story (Education Sector Report)

Appendix C – Children and Youth in Stressed Families (Stressed Families Report)

Appendix D – System Assessment Report for PEI Programs (Health Sector Report)

Appendix E – PEI Training, Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Funds Request Form

SCC FY09-10 Prevention and Early Intervention Plan (Approved)


Prevention and Early Intervention Regulations - July 1, 2018

PEI and INN SPRE Amendments - September 6, 2018

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