May is Mental Health Month 2019

 Did you know that Mental Health America (MHA) founded May is Mental Health Month back in 1949? That means this year marks MHA’s 70th year celebrating Mental Health Month! This year’s theme is “Strength in Community".

Behavioral Health Services Department  wants everyone to know that mental illnesses are real, and recovery is always the goal. Living a healthy lifestyle may not be easy but can be achieved by gradually making small changes and building on those successes. Finding the balance between work and play, the ups and downs of life, physical health and mental health, can help you on the path towards focusing both #4Mind4Body.

To celebrate May is Mental Health Month with the community, Behavioral Health Services Department is offering many activities and events. Let us spread the word and make a healthier community.

Check out BHSD Events in the different locations:

Esperanza Self-Help Center May Events  1235First Street, Gilroy, CA 95020

Zephyr Self-Help Center May Events  1075 ESanta Clara Street, San Jose, CA 95116

ECCAC Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) May Trainings 

Office of Family Affairs Events 2221 Enborg Lane, San Jose, CA 95128

Suicide Prevention May Events

The Stepping Up Initiative:

Behavioral Health Services

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