Adult System of Care Services In Santa Clara County

Managed care is a planned, comprehensive approach to providing health services. The Behavioral Health Services Department has united select individual providers of alcohol and other drug treatment in Santa Clara County into a single managed care plan to assure the most appropriate use of services. This benefits consumers and providers by combining administrative and clinical services in an integrated, coordinated system to give clients high-quality yet cost-effective care in a timely manner.

Identifying and monitoring clients' health status is vital in managed care. Because the severity of problems varies among individuals, we offer treatment options with different settings, levels of service intensity, and ranges of available services.  Through standardized assessments and case management, clients move up or down through a complete continuum of services -- based on their needs -- to enhance their return to stable community life.

We are committed to providing client-focused, outcomes-driven care; ongoing systems improvement; and excellent service to all residents of Santa Clara County.​

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