Adult and Older Adult

Adult and Older Adult Division serves adults age 18 –​ 59 and older adults 60+ with behavioral health needs. If you have needs which leave you unable to do basic self-care skills, you may be able to get behavioral health services for mental health, substance use and other types of co-occurring disorders. 

We have county offices and contract with more than 45 providers who offer behavioral health services to support hope, wellness and recovery. Our providers have experience in addressing the special needs of the aging population, including the complex stressors older adults face, social isolation and behaviors unique to the aging population.

If eligible, we provide free or low cost services to people that have Medi-Cal and/or Medicare and live in Santa Clara County. We also offer limited services for people that live in the county and have no coverage.

Services in the Adult and Older Division include the following:


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