Adult FAQ

    Upon calling Gateway they will ask a few questions and staff will direct you to the best treatment services.  Staff are available Monday through Friday 8 to 5. After hours the number has evenings and weekend referral contacts. We also have a website describing our services and locations and other helpful information. We have different languages available and TTY.​

    As long as you need to address your substance use issues. We want to be supportive of your recovery and overall health. We have detox services, outpatient services, residential and continuing care support.​

    You could start treatment services anytime. Treatment is voluntary. We will have a counselor review substance use issues and treatment options at your first session to find the best level of care.

    Your treatment services are voluntary. They maybe a requirement of your probation but it is your choice, we cannot force you, but want to address your needs. It is important to work with your probation or parole officer. We will ask you for a release of information to speak with them about treatment progress all in an effort to support you. 

    Yes, if they too are seeking services. They may have different needs. Our services are based on individual needs and issues.  Other friends who are not in the program itself, will not be attending individual counseling or residential treatment services. Many of our programs have family components and want others involved in treatment and, with your permission, we want to talk and involve them in your recovery.

    Our sessions are confidential. We will ask to contact your friends and family, with a signed consent, to help you with treatment and recovery goals.

    Treatment services are different than your legal situation. You may be expected to be in treatment as a part of criminal justice. You may have other legal responsibilities that need to be fulfilled. We will support you in recovery and promote health care needs which may help with your criminal justice involvement.

    During the initial session your health will be reviewed by a doctor. We would we also want to work with your doctor or connect you to a new doctor to continue to support your physical health needs throughout treatment.

    If you are unhappy with any issue related to the behavioral health services you are receiving, you can use the Behavioral Health Services Department’s problem resolution process to try and resolve your concerns.


    To start the process, you can either:

    Complete the Grievance & Appeal form and give it to your provider,  drop it off, or mail it to:

    976 Lenzen Ave, 3rd Floor

    San Jose, CA 95126 

    Attention: Clinical Standards Coordinator


    You may call the Beneficiary Line at 1(408)792-5666 for assistance in filing your complaint or to speak with an on-call staff 

    from your managed c​are plan.​​

    Click here to learn more.​

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