Perinatal Substance Abuse Program (PSAP)

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​​The Perinatal Substance Abuse Program (PSAP) provides comprehensive outpatient services. We take a comprehensive approach to treating pregnant and parenting women that have a substance use disorder.

Because each woman is unique, the treatment team at PSAP creates a program that will deal with her specific needs.

Our Mission: 

To help pregnant and parenting mothers with substance use disorders achieve and maintain abstinence from substance use – promoting healthy babies and helping moms achieve their hopes, dreams, and quality of life goals. 

The Perinatal Substance Abuse Program serves women who have a substance use disorder and are either pregnant, postpartum with children, have dependent children, are attempting to regain custody of their children, or have a substance-exposed infant. 

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Our Services

Behavioral Health Services


  •   Pregnancy Education
  • Breastfeeding Education & Support

  • Child Development & Parenting Education

  • Health Education

  • Nutrition Education

  • Recovery Education

  • Practical Life Skills Education

  • Wellness Classes

  • Healthy Relationships Classes​​​​​​

Behavioral Health Services

Treatment Services

Behavioral Health Services

Support Services

  • Prenatal Care Referrals

  • General Medical Screening & Referrals

  • Transportation Services 

  • On-Site Child Care

  • Child Development Screenings

  • Early Intervention Referrals

  • Smoking Cessation Assistance

Education & Support Group Classes

    This class emphasizes skills and resources that can be used on a daily basis to strengthen healthy lifestyles and recovery knowledge.  From stress management to money management, moms will learn about how to navigate through life's challenges. 

    ​The opportunity is given to women in recovery to experience honest communication and healthier interactions with each other.  Clients discuss common problems and learn through group feedback how behavior can be changed.  These groups encourage clients to increase their ability to listen, understand, and be more sensitive to other people. ​

    Moms in recovery face many day to day challenges and maintaining good relationships with their children is one of them.  Parenting in Recovery provides moms with positive encouragement, knowledge, and tools that they can use to build their parenting skills and improve their relationship with their children.

    Creative activity in recovery, regardless of skill, has been shown to play an important role in helping to promote healing from substance abuse.  It provides a way to process some of the stressful emotions and anxieties that can emerge during treatment.  This class explores a variety of artistic media including paper, clay, textile, and paint in a nonjudgmental environment

    Our goal in Pregnancy Education is to encourage healthy behaviors that will result in healthy babies while helping moms navigate the joys and challenges of pregnancy.  Education topics include fetal development, childbirth, breastfeeding education, postpartum concerns, nutrition, family planning, and several other topics.

    Countless studies show the importance of physical exercise during the recovery process.  This class emphasizes stretching, balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, aerobics and FUN!  A variety of exciting and invigorating activities are included to help enhance one’s health physically and emotionally. 

    Learn how to improve your interactions with your partner, parents, children, and peers.  This course focuses on interpersonal relationships and issues surrounding domestic violence, abusive behaviors (past and present), communication problems, developing boundaries, and setting limits.​

    Integrating Dr. T. Berry Brazelton’s Touchpoints Model of Development and the power of Mindfulness, this class aims to help parents understand the root cause of their child’s behavior and how to navigate the associated challenges more effectively.  A variety of mindfulness techniques are discussed in a supportive and compassionate environment, helping a mother strengthen her connection to herself and her children. 

    This 10 week class focuses on the developmental stages of childhood using Dr. T. Berry Brazelton’s Touchpoints Model of Development and his 10 Principles of Highly Effective Parenting.  Moms learn how to support their children in a variety of ways and how to appropriately handle challenging situations at developmental milestones.

    Many people in recovery may still continue to smoke.  However, those who quit smoking have a better chance at maintaining their recovery.   This 3-part series focuses on helping mom’s identify their reasons for wanting to quit, how to take action, and how to maintain their success.  Under medical supervision, some moms may be eligible for nicotine replacement therapy.

    ​A critical component of recovery is giving your body and mind the healthy food it needs.  The essentials of nutrition- from putting together healthy meals and snacks, learning how to meal plan, saving money at the grocery store, understanding what foods contribute to poor health, and how to break poor eating habits are all discussed to make eating healthy a reality.

    ​A variety of class topics are covered to address common issues that not only do many people face when it comes to their health, but to address the specific needs of women and the needs of women in recovery.   This course is designed to empower women to construct a healthy lifestyle that can lead to long-lasting recovery.

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    Perinatal Substance Abuse Program

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