What are Withdrawal Management Services?

​Traditionally known as Detox, Withdrawal Management is for those who are using substances daily and are unable to stop treatment on their own or who are already in withdrawal and need additional supervision that does not require medical care from a doctor or nurse. We provide a safe environment that allows beneficiaries to initiate care services to begin their recovery.  Beneficiaries begin treatment when they are physically able to participate, and will then be screened and referred to the next appropriate level of care.

Services take place in a facility providing 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Residential detoxification services range from 1 to 7 days.  Referrals to medical care are provided if necessary.

Who can receive Withdrawal Management Services?

Anyone living in Santa Clara County having problems with the daily use of alcohol and other substances.

Withdrawal Management Providers

Pathway Mariposa Lodge​​

Phone: 408-281-6555

​The Pathway Society provides a full range of substance abuse services for women. Mariposa Lodge prides itself on being a facility run for women, by women, treating addiction using gender-specific group therapy and 12-step ideology.

Telecare - Muriel Wright Recovery Center SUTS

Phone: (408) 780-0755

At the Muriel Wright Recovery Center Substance Use Treatment Services (SUTS) program, we are here to help you begin a new phase in life. Our job is to help you as you stabilize your symptoms, connect with others, learn about yourself and your strengths, and gain the skills you need to prevent relapse and recidivism, and recover your health, hopes, and dreams.

Pathway House

Phone: (408) 642-1325​​

Medication-Assisted Detoxification is available at MAT centers for opioid and alcohol use disorder. 

To access Substance Use Treatment Services please call Behavioral Health Services Call Center: 1(800) 704-0900
Behavioral Health Services Call Center is available:  24/7
If you are looking for withdrawal management (detox) services after hours, please call the numbers:
Mariposa Lodge​ at  (408) 281-6550 
Pathway House​  at  (408) 642-1325​
Telecare​ at  (408) 780-0755

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