Katie A. Services

Pathways to Well-Being

Pathways to Well-Being, a Birth - 21 years old system of care, in partnership with Santa Clara County Department of Family & Children Services (DFCS), screens all children in the child welfare care system, and links them to behavioral health services anywhere in our continuum of care.  Many children and youth from child welfare receive a specialized cross-system mental health service known as Katie A Intensive services. Katie A Intensive services are also open to the community, regardless of child welfare involvement. 

What are Katie A. Intensive Mental Health Services?

  • Intensive community and home-based mental health services
  • Intensive Care Coordination (ICC)
  • Intensive Home Based services (IHBS)
  • Team approach
  • Family specialist, family partner
  • Child & Family Team model with strong emphasis on family voice & choice
  • Strength based
  • Trauma informed
  • Individualized to the needs of the child & family

Array of services provided:

  • Mental Health Rehabilitative Services
  • Services to improve youth’s coping skills and functioning for success
  • Psychiatric services/Medication management when needed
  • Individual therapy when needed
  • Family therapy when needed
  • Service delivery guided by the Integrated Core Practice Model (ICPM)

Referral Process

This program accepts referrals through the Behavioral Health Call Center​. If you have a child with behavioral health needs, and you would like Katie A Services please call 1-800-704-0900 for assistance and screening.  Direct referrals are made by the Behavioral Health Coordinators ([email protected]) after initial screening. 

Katie A. Providers:

Program Contact:

Melissa Preader, LCSW
Mental Health Program Specialist
Katie A./ Pathways to Well-Being Program Manager

Santa Clara County Behavioral Health Services Children, Youth and Families
Family and Children’s Cross-Systems Initiatives Division
725 E. Santa Clara Street, 3rd Floor, Suite 301
San Jose, CA  95112

Main: 1 (408) 794-0764
E-mail: [email protected]

Covered til 26 Campaign: Medi-Cal Coverage until Age 26 for Former Foster Youth

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