School Linked Services Initiative

School Linked Services (SLS) provides students and families with school based coordinated services to improve health and wellbeing of families through a community participatory approach. School Linked Services (SLS) Coordinators, located at the school district or a school site, develop partnership with schools, public agencies and community based organization in Santa Clara County to improve protective factors, e.g., family relationship, decrease risk-factors, e.g., behavioral and emotional problems, enhance service accessibility and resource linkage, and to support children’s success in school and in life.​​​​​​

Target Population

All students within the SLS partnering school district and their families are eligible to receive SLS, including service linkage to community resources and family engagement programs.

Referral Process

Families and students may self-refer to the SLS Coordinators for linkage to community resources and services, as well as family engagement programs at the schools. School personnel may also refer families to the SLS Coordinators for services.

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