Alum Rock Union Elementary School District


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Alum Rock Union School District (ARUSD)
2930 Gay Avenue
San Jose, CA 95116

Elementary Schools: 17
Middle Schools: 7
K-8 Adelante Duel Language Academy


SLS Pledges


Counselors: (Middle School Counselors)

Reviews pupil academic and department records Meets individually with students and parents/guardians and apprises them of:

  • Performance on standardized and diagnostic assessments.
  • The pupil's score on the English language arts or mathematics portion of the California Standards Test administered in grades as applicable.
  • Cumulative records and transcripts
  • Pupil education options
  • Information on post secondary education and training.
  • Information on online grade interest inventory
  • Information on technical careers
  • Coursework and academic progress needed for satisfactory completion of school work
  • Participates in curriculum and other developmental programs within the school and district

ASES Grant

Provides an after school program at each of the 27 schools. Participating students receive help with homework, enrichment and physical activity. Students are in the after school program until 6:00 pm each day school is in session. 2500 students are served per year.​​

Child Welfare Attendance Liaison

  • Monitors student attendance at assigned school
  • Works with families who have special needs
  • Consults with site administrators and other personnel regarding student attendance and punctuality
  • Organizes hearings, reviews cases, attends and participates at SARB hearings
  • Meets with students and parents, both at the school site and home visits
  • Contacts appropriate community or legal agencies regarding student problems
  • Collects information and documentation regarding students from a variety of sources including parents, school and community agencies
  • Assists with writing of reports following hearings
  • Communicates results of hearings to students, parents, school administrators and appropriate community agencies
  • Makes referrals to such agencies as necessary
  • Assists in the transfer of students to alternative educational programs when appropriate
  • Participates in special programs designed to curb unauthorized student absences in conjunction with the schools and police department
  • Prepares a variety of correspondence and reports
  • Assists in collecting and preparing crime reports​


The school nurse's primary function is to strengthen the education process through improvement and protection. The major focus of school nursing services is prevention of disabilities through detection and suggested correction of health problems.


  • Assists in developing and recommending policies and procedures in compliance with state laws dealing with health and safety.
  • Previews and maintains cumulative health records, exchanges information and counsels teachers regarding existing health problems with potential effects on education.
  • Assesses every student's immunization status to ensure compliance with the law and recommended medical practice.
  • Assesses and evaluates the health and developmental status of students to identify specific physical disorders and other factors relating to the learning process and to contribute significant information in order to modify the students educational plans.
  • Obtains health and developmental histories on potential special education candidates, interprets medical/nursing findings appropriate to the students individual educational plan. Develops individual health care plans (IHP) for special needs students and makes recommendations to parents and professional personnel directly involved. Also serves on placement committees for special education programs.
  • Participates in health curriculum development and serves as a resource person to the classroom teacher for health instruction and provides selected learning experiences for students.
  • Counsels pupils and parents by:

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