City of San José

City of San José
200 E. Santa Clara Street
San Jose, CA 95113

We exist to ensure safe and healthy opportunities for San Jose’s youth, free of gangs and crime, to realize their hopes and dreams, and become successful and productive in their homes, schools and neighborhoods.


SLS Pledges


Safe School Campus Initiative (SSCI) - $1,937,638

Provides students and school intervention to prevent and/or reduce school-based student violence at targeted middle and high schools serving San Jose Youth. Also staff consults with school staff and participates in school safety and multi-service team meetings with service providers, probation officers and law-enforcement officers. Eighteen staff currently serve the following schools sites:

  • High School Sites
    East Side Union High School District: Overfelt, Mt Pleasant, Evergreen, Latino College Prep, Independence, James Lick, Silver Creek, Leadership Public School, Foothill Continuation, Escuela Popular, Yerba Buena, Oak Grove, Santa Teresa, Andrew Hill, San Jose Unified School District: San Jose H.S, Willow Glen H.S., Lincoln H.S., Pioneer H.S., Leland H.S., Broadway H.S., Gunderson H.S., Campbell Union High School District: Westmont, Prospect, Del Mar, Boynton, Camden Community School, Leigh, Branham, Santa Clara County Office of Education: Novo Community School, Pathfinder Academy, Redemption Academy Community School. Fremont School District: Lynbrook, Metropolitan Education District: CCOC facility.
  • Middle School Sites
    Oak Grove Elementary School District: Bernal Intermediate School, Leonard Herman Intermediate School, Caroline Davis M.S., San Jose Unified School District: Willow Glen M.S, Hoover M.S., Peter Burnett M.S., San Jose Community School, Franklin McKinley School District: Sylvandale M.S., Bridges Academy, Alum Rock Union School District: Fisher M.S., Lee Mathson M.S., Campbell Union School District: Campbell M.S., Monroe M.S., Morgan Hill Unified School District: Martin Murphy M.S., Mt. Pleasant School District: August Boeger M.S., Santa Clara County Office of Education: Stonegate Park Community Day School

San Jose's Bring Everyone Strength Together (B.E.S.T.) Program - $1,397,708

The San Jose BEST Program is the serve arm of the San Jose Mayor's Gang Prevention Task Force. (MGPTF). The BEST service delivery program aligns with the MGPTF Strategic Work Plan goals and objectives in funding a continuum of gang prevention, intervention and coordinated suppression services. BEST Program funded agencies provide the following school-based services: 1) Youth Support Groups, 2) Youth Intervention Services, 3) Social/Recreation Services, 4) Substance Abuse Services, 5) Truancy and Education Support Services, and 6) Parent and Family Support services. One or more of the above mentioned services are provided at the following school sites: 1) Ace Charter School, 2) Alternative Placement academy, 3) Andrew Hill High School, 4) Bridges Academy, 5) Broadway High School, 6) Calero High School, 7) Del Mar High School, 8) Fisher Middle School, 9) Foothill High School, 10) George Mayne Elementary School, 11) Independence High School, 12) James Lick High School, 13) James Probation Ranch, 14) Kennedy Elementary School, 15) Los Arboles Elementary School, 16) McKinley Elementary School, 17) Mt. Pleasant High School, 18) Oak Grove High School, 19) Overfelt High School, 20) Pathfinder High School, 21) San Jose Community Day School, 22) Santee Elementary School, 23) Sheppard Middle School, 24) Silver Creek High School, 25) Sylvandale Middle School, and 26) Yerba Buena High School.


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