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Kids in Common
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Kids in Common advocates for policies, partnerships and investments that improve children’s lives in Santa Clara County. Children need a strong public voice that promotes and protects their best interests. Kids in Common is that voice and challenges leaders in our community to act on behalf of children. Our vision: every child safe, healthy, successful in learning, successful in life.


SLS Pledges

The Children's Agenda and the Bill of Rights for Children and Youth

The Bill of Rights is a vision for the county's youth and the Children's Agenda focuses that vision, telling us the progress we are making toward achieving our goals. The Children's Agenda identifies 13 data indicators of child well-being in each of the four domains (safety, health, success in learning and success in life). In the coming year we will be focusing on the following indicators/actions:

  • High School Graduation rates with A- G requirements (Success in life domain): The high school graduation rate (with A-G requirements) is a bell-weather indicator. Kids who don't have access to health care or are food insecure or live in unsafe and unstable families and neighborhoods are less likely to come to school ready to learn. Children who are not ready to learn will get off-track for third grade reading and eighth-grade math and these youth may eventually get "off-track" for graduation. When kids get off-track for graduation, there is a greater chance they will become engaged in the juvenile justice system.
    The focus of our work around this indicator in the coming year will be youth who are "off-track." This work will focus on kids in the juvenile justice system, foster youth, pregnant and parenting teens and also school issues such as truancy, suspensions, expulsions, school engagement and positive school climate.
  • School Readiness (Success in learning domain): Our work on school readiness this year will focus on the following:
    • Supporting the development and use of a school readiness measurement county-wide.
    • Supporting increased use of developmental screening tools in pediatric health care settings.
    • Articulation and alignment between early education and elementary schools (as part of the Early Learning Master Plan.)
    • Chronic absenteeism. Supporting schools establishing systems to identify and support children with >10% absence rate (linked to later school success.)
  • Parent Engagement (Safety domain – safe and stable families): We have not really defined what we will be doing in this arena – the focus may be on parent education, engaging parents in schools and systems, parent advocacy or other.
  • Advocacy focused on preserving the Children's Health Initiative.




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