Morgan Hill Unified School District

Morgan Hill Unified School District (MHUSD)
15600 Concord Circle
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

8 elementary, 2 middle, 2 high and 1 continuation schools
Total enrollment 9,531 students

The mission of the Morgan Hill Unified School District, serving a diverse community, is to create in students a passion for learning and achievement through innovation, dynamic partnerships, and exceptional programs and support services.


SLS Pledges

Mental Health Support Provider - $68,000

The Mental health Professional furnishes the District with behavioral interventions and counseling for students and families within the District. She develops and/or assists our psychologists to develop behavior plans. She works with staff to assist in transitions, behavioral strategies to be used in a classroom, and has also written curriculum and presented classes for us on bullying.

Community Solutions Interns

4 school sites are accessing interns from Community Solutions.

Bilingual Home/School Liaisons - $196,542

13 Bilingual Liaisons (one at each school site), 4 hours per day The Home/School Liaison works under the direct supervision of the school principal to provide a link between home and school and actively works to strengthen that link for bilingual students and their parents/guardians.

  • Provide verbal and/or written interpreter/translator services for students and their parents.
  • Assist with student assessment
  • Assist with student enrollment
  • Assist with student and parent activities sponsored by the school.
  • Assist with outreach activities such as contacting parents/guardians about attendance, discipline, and related issues.
  • Assist in the compilation and distribution of academic support services information, extended learning services information, community and health services information, parent education and services information.
  • Assist and support students and their parents in accessing these services.
  • Conduct an active identification and recruitment for students in need of such services including home visits if needed.
  • Attend parent meetings after school and in the evening.

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