Mountain View Whisman School District

Mountain View Whisman School District (MVWSD)
750-A San Pierre Way
Mountain View, CA 94043

7 elementary and 2 middle schools
Total enrollment 4,796 students

In the heart of Silicon Valley, the high-tech capital of the world, the District’s vision and forward thinking reflects its dedication to providing its students with an Education for the World Ahead. In recent years, strong gains in student achievement have been the result of teachers, staff, students, parents, and community members living the District’s mission to “demonstrate daily, a relentless commitment to the success of every child.” The District’s hallmark of collaboration with local and global companies and the City of Mountain View matches its ability to deploy a strategic plan that embraces system-wide continuous improvement. With strategic goals and core values, the District focuses all resources on providing the community with exemplary schools and programs.


SLS Pledges


The Mountain View Whisman School District is located in the City of Mountain View at the southern tip of San Francisco Bay in the northern part of Santa Clara County. The City of Mountain View consists of approximately 74,000 residents, and the District educates approximately 5000 K-8 students at seven elementary schools (K-5) and two middle schools (6-8). It also operates preschool programs at three locations throughout the District.

A full time position to support school services for at risk students - 28K in district funding match

The primary role of the position would be to maintain those aspects of our PowerSchool database that can track services by students. This would include the following: (1) mental health services, (2) 504 modifications, (3) other health-related services, (4) student study team meetings, and (5) academic and behavioral interventions. The individual would work with district office and school site administration to ensure that appropriate systems are developed and implemented to ensure consistent gathering and incorporation of data. The individual would also be responsible for generating reports, as necessary, for use by the district and the school linked services program. The individual would work in collaboration with the Administrative Services Department, and the Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services would be the primary contact for the School Linked Services Program.


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