Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District

Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District (MPESD)
3434 Marten Avenue
San Jose, CA 95148

4 elementary and 1 middle schools
Total enrollment 2,593 students

The Vision of Mount Pleasant School District, a small, multi-culturally enriched community nestled in the East Foothills, is to provide an excellent personalized education producing socially responsible students prepared for their futures as lifelong learners, where schools serve the community through active partnerships, linking advanced technology with progressive teaching and learning techniques.


SLS Pledges


Mt. Pleasant After School Program (MPAS) - $700,000, funded by ASES grant

Provides an after school program at each of the 5 schools. Participating students receive help with homework, enrichment and physical activity. Students are in the after school program until 6:00pm each day school is in session. 500 students are served per year.

Early College Outreach - $5000 funded by Categorical funds

The Early College Outreach provides parenting and leadership classes to inform parents of the educational system and empowers parents to participate on school committees or become parent volunteer to work in partnership with the schools to improve the educational experience of all students. Parent Training usually take place at Mt. Pleasant and Robert Sanders Elementary, but all schools in the district are invited to participate. Workshops are usually last 6 hours. Approx 100 students are served per year.

Family/School Liaison - (.5FTE) - $44,000 funding comes from multiple

The mission of the School Liaison is to mobilize and use school and community resources to improve the academic achievement of the most at risk students in Mt. Pleasant school district. Currently this person works at one Title 1 school, the plan is to make this a district position to better address the needs of high risk families in the district. The Family/school liaison:

  • Works with site administrators to coordinate and assist families to the address the obstacles or needs that are interfering with the academic success of the student.
  • Is part of the SARB ( Student Attendance Review Board) panel to find out first hand why students are not attending school, provide resources and work with parents to get their kids to school.
  • With the coordination of parent trainings by marketing and motivating parents to attend. Making personal invitations and follow up.
  • Coordinates medical resources – assists parents in obtaining medical insurance or referral to community resources. Approximately 150 students are served each year.

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