Office of the Public Defender

County of Santa Clara Public Defender
120 W Mission Street
San Jose, CA 95110

The mission of the Public Defender is to provide vigorous, high quality representation to our clients in the criminal, juvenile justice, and civil courts in an ethical manner. In this way, we fulfill the constitutional mandate of the 6th Amendment right to counsel for Santa Clara County.


SLS Pledges

Training on "Zero Tolerance" alternatives - $6,000

JJSC Prevention & Programs Workgroup is planning to bring Dr. Ken Seeley to work with educators on "Zero Tolerance" alternatives as a strategy to address educator requests for support to welcome youth with behavioral issues into schools in a safe manner.

Legal education and mentoring - $2,000

Public Defender can provide legal education and/or mentoring programs for middle and high school youth to acquaint them with common entry points into the juvenile justice system and ways to avoid those challenges.



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