Public Health Department


The mission of the County of Santa Clara Public Health Department is to prevent disease and injury and create environments that promote and protect the community's health.



SLS Pledges


Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention - $350,000

  • This center has and will continue to provide education and support for policy, systems and organizational change to affect healthier environments for children. Obesity and Type II Diabetes are largely preventable childhood conditions that can be addressed by concerted efforts to improve access, availability and affordability of nutritious foods and by increased engagement in physical activity. There is also benefit to children's health by reducing air pollutants and green house gases.
  • The Safe Routes to School Project partners with school districts, transportation, and law enforcement to create safe environments for students to walk and bike to school. In addition, education and outreach campaigns promote safe and active transportation. The Department will continue its effort on this front, and as resources allow will work with those SLS schools who voluntary commit to working on this project.
  • The Nutrition Education and Training Academy provides training, education resources and support for staff in community organizations, schools, childcare and afterschool programs primarily targeting CalFresh eligible families through funding from the USDA. The Department will continue to work with those SLS schools that meet the funding guidelines.
  • To address the underage drinking and driving issue in the County, the Department offers DUI Court in the Schools, teen drinking and driving panel presentations for parents and students and the Underage Drinking and Driving: A Guide for Parents and Teens. The Department will continue to work with SLS schools that are selected for these services as resources are limited.
  • The Department supports tobacco prevention activities including a youth focused coalition and resources and training to empower youth to take action around tobacco prevention. The Department will support these activities as funding allows.

Program/service name – Child Health & Disability Prevention / Foster Care - $150,000

The Department has a modest presence in the child welfare system of Santa Clara County by staffing several nursing positions within DFCS. The Department will make a concerted effort to link with SLS where appropriate, protecting the confidentially of client and service rendered.


Program/service name – Injury & Violence Prevention - $30,000

  • If the Department is successful in staffing a full time violence prevention coordinator in FY12-13, it will commit a min of 25% of this person’s time to youth and school related violence awareness and prevention activity. This work will be focused on social norm, organization, systems and policy change versus counseling to individual students. The position will also partner with COE on its efforts to prevent bullying through SLS.
  • An additional 25% of this person’s time will be dedicated to Community Violence prevention in neighborhoods most impacted by violence.

Program/service name – CHDP/MCAH & CDIP Child Safety - $35,000

  • The Department provides services within its Child Health and Disabilities Program as well as its Maternal Child and Adolescent Health Programs: The Department does not increased services to offer but will make concerted link with SLS and Community efforts to support child preventive health examinations and child health and safety messages to participating schools.
  • The Department is able to assist low income families with finding a health care provider through its Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program. While unable to augment CHDP services, the Department will make a concerted effort to link with SLS to support and refer children for preventive health and dental examinations.

Program/Service name – Nurse Family Partnership (NFP)

The program focuses on low income, first time mothers, with special emphasis on those with co-existing mental health, substance abuse and/ or involvement in the juvenile justice system. NFP already has a close working relationship with numerous Young Mother's Programs, such as Foothill, Broadway and Fremont Unified. The Department is willing to formalize these collaborations within the SLS framework and potentially expand to other schools, such as Del Mar High School. Also we have a representative from the East Side Union High School District on the NFP Community Advisory Board and would welcome other SLS representatives.

Program/service name – Regional Public Health Nursing

Regional Public Health Nursing currently accepts referrals from the Health and Hospital System for the case management of children/adolescents with complex medical needs. Attempts will be made to collaborate for those children who may be receiving SLS services.

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