Social Services Agency

County of Santa Clara Social Services Agency (SSA)


333 West Julian Street
San Jose, CA 95110

The Social Services Agency is a culturally sensitive and socially responsible public agency providing high quality, professional, financial, and protective services for residents of Santa Clara County.


SLS Pledges


Children's and Families' County General Fund - $850,000

CBO's provide social services to high-needs families. A RFP this year will determine services for FY13.

Children and Families Safety Net County General Fund - $183,718

Part of SSA County General Fund pool targeted to provide for emergency needs of families and children. A RFP this year will determine services for FY 13.

STOP Funds - $278,204

Enable counties to expand treatment and support options for families with children returning from out-of-home placement or at risk for such placements. Types of services: provide treatment such as group therapy and drug and alcohol program, recreation activities, including after school programs, respite care, independent living services, music therapy, and crisis intervention. This program is currently under contract and the FY13 contract will be written to prioritize referrals from schools. The contract will be rebid for FY 14.

Mandated Reporter Training - As used

DFCS provides mandated reporter training for schools. As a part of the SLS resource pool, DFCS will provide mandated reporter training as requested by school leadership.

Linkages to Safety Net Services to Families - In-kind

SSA has relationships with various agencies that provide application assistance for public benefits. Linkage will be facilitated to bring those resources to participating school communities.

Emerging Scholars Program - In-kind

SSA has an MOU with Silicon Valley Children's Fund, Santa Clara County Office of Education, and East Side Union High School District to support the Emerging Scholars Program. The program utilizes Graduate School of Social Work interns to work with dependent foster youth to assess the youth's educational and psychosocial needs to create individualized educational plans. The interns will work with approximately 40 youth.

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