Status Offender Services (SOS) Program

Program Description

The following services are provided in the Status Offender Services (SOS) Program:

  • ​Crisis Triage and Response Services – This is a Countywide 24 hours, 7 days a week mobile crisis intervention response service.

  • Aftercare Behavioral Health Services – Short-term aftercare outpatient mental health services for youth exiting the shelter or crisis triage and response services. Services will be provided to status offenders and their families on an as needed basis following involvement with the Crisis Triage and Response Service and/or after the completion of their stay at the SOS shelter facility.  Aftercare services will include continued counseling, case management, referrals, and other appropriate services.
  • Status Offender Services Shelter – Short-term temporary shelter services for Status Offender youth who are unable to return to their caregivers due to at risk behaviors or whose safety is at risk if returned to their home


Population Served

The Status Offender Services (SOS) Program is a Countywide, comprehensive, coordinated system of care for status offender youth and youth at risk of becoming Status Offenders. It supports siblings of SOS youth, age Birth  5 years old, with linkage to appropriate developmental services. Status Offenders are youth under the age of 18 who commit an act or exhibit conduct described by the California Welfare and Institutions Code Section 601 as an offense by virtue of their status as minors. These acts may include, but are not limited to, running away, not attending school, being beyond the control of their caregivers, or breaking curfew.


Referral Process

Accepts referrals from any sources within Santa Clara County for youth ages 6  17 years who are exhibiting status offender behavior or are at risk. Priority is given to referrals from the Behavioral Health Services Department, County Department of Family & Children's Services, and the County Juvenile Probation Department, and schools.  


SOS Providers: 


Program Contact:

April Kihara, M.S., LMFT​​
Mental Health Program Specialist II
Program Manager for PEI/SOS/SLS School Based Programs

Santa Clara County Behavioral Health Services Children, Youth and Families
Family & Children's Services Division
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San Jose, CA  95112

Main: 1 (408) 794-0660
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