Forensic, Diversion and Reintegration

The Forensic, Diversion and Reintegration (FDR) Division is a part of the County of Santa Clara – Behavioral Health Services Department (BHSD). The department is designed to address the behavioral health needs of individuals with mental health, substance use disorders, or both who are involved in the criminal justice system.
We contract with several community and faith-based organizations, made up of a team of clinicians, psychiatric prescribers, nursing staff, and peer specialists who offer behavioral health services to adults ages 18 –​ 59 and older adults 60+ involved in the Criminal Justice System in Santa Clara County and need services and support for mental health and co-occurring conditions. Multiple services and programs are available and utilized to assist the offender’s transition plan back into community whether it be outpatient or in a residential setting or part of the offenders’ supervision plan.

How to Access Services  

Individuals may be linked to services provided by the Forensic, Diversion, and Reintegration Division treatment providers through several portals:

  • Individuals in-custody may contact the BHSD Collaborative Courts assessors by calling the #60 speed dial number from their housing unit telephone.   The Assessor will be screen and refer the individual to a program or a provider.
  • Individuals can walk directly to the Reentry Resource Center located at 151 West Mission Street, San Jose, CA 95110 Phone: 408-535-4299 and be screened and referred by the Behavioral Health Reentry Resource Center Assessors.
  • Justice Partners, including, but not limited to, Probation, Parole, Pretrial Services and Public Defender, can refer out-of-custody individuals to the Reentry Resource Center for a screening by submitting the Forensic, Diversion, Reintegration Referral Form to the Forensic, Diversion, and Reintegration Division Referral Mailbox.

Program & Services

    151 West Mission St 
    San Jose, CA 95110
    Phone: (408) 535-4280       

    8425 Murray Avenue
    Gilroy, CA 95020
    Phone: (408) 201-0690

    Hours and Days of Operation: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday – Friday (No appointment necessary)

    The Behavioral Health Team at the Reentry Resource Center is a County walk-in clinic. It serves as a referral portal as well as a substance use outpatient treatment provider. The program has the capacity to serve up to 144 individuals. The length of stay is approximately 3 months. On average, the program provides 4 to 8 hours per month, depending on the need of the individual. The substance use treatment services include peer mentor, case management, individual counseling, group counseling, and crisis intervention.

    Services Include:
    •  Mental Health assessments and referral
    •  Substance use assessments and referral
    •  Alcohol and Drug Outpatient Treatment
    •  Individual and Group Counseling
    •  Peer Mentoring
    •  Transitional Case Management for basic needs services for those in Substance Use Treatment
    •  Walk in Services - Referrals and Linkage to Basic Needs Services (i.e., clothes, foods, transportation, housing information and referral, employment, record expungement, medical, faith-based services) 

    2090 Evans Lane
    San Jose, CA 95125
    Phone: (408) 793-2400

    Referral Based Program through the following providers and agencies: Gardner, Community Solutions, Catholic Charities, Probation Department, Parole, and Drug Treatment Court.  The Evans Lane Wellness & Recovery Center has outpatient and residential programs dedicated to serving adults with co-occurring conditions involved with the justice system.  The program has been formulated in a community environment setting utilizing the Wellness & Recovery Treatment Model.

    Services Include:
    •  Outpatient Program 
    •  Residential Program
    •  Mental Health Services
    •  Medication Support Services
    •  Case Management Services
    •  Crisis Intervention Services

    Crisis Residential (CR) services are an alternative to acute psychiatric and locked psychiatric treatment facilities for justice involved individuals who would otherwise require hospitalization.  This program offers 24-hour crisis residential treatment.  Individuals served must be high risk, justice involved adults who do not require nursing care services.  
    Providers:  Momentum for Mental Health, Telecare Corporation

    FSP programs are designed for justice involved adults with a severe mental health/substance use condition needing an intensive service program. “Whatever it takes” model.  FSP provides a full array of treatment services, housing, and community resources necessary to meet the needs of each individual's life circumstances
    Providers:  Community Solutions, Gardner Family

    The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides support to clients as they leave custody, linking them to housing, primary care services and benefit assistance. The length of stay is up to 4 months. On average, this program provides up to 10 hours of treatment services per month, which includes medication management, individual therapy, group therapy, and case management. 
    Provider:  Momentum for Mental Health

    FACT is an intensive community-based outpatient service that uses a multi-disciplinary team to provide and/or coordinate treatment, rehabilitation and community support services for clients who are recovering from severe mental health conditions.  80%-90% of outreach and engagement services will be delivered to clients in the community.  
    Provider:  Community Solutions 

    Co-occurring outpatient is designed for justice involved adults with co-occurring (serious mental health and substance use) conditions. The length of stay for the program is 12 months. On average, the program provides 4.2 hours of treatment services per month, which includes medication management, individual therapy, group therapy, and case management.  
    Provider:  Community Solutions

    PRCS is designed for adults with serious mental health and co-occurring conditions released from a State Prison under the jurisdiction of the Probation Department as PRCS who would benefit from outpatient services. The program is designed as a step down for individuals no longer needing intensive outpatient services. The length of stay is 6 months. On average, the program provides 4 hours of treatment services to each individual per month, which includes medication management, individual therapy, group therapy, case management, and crisis intervention. 
    Provider: Gardner Family Health Network, Inc.

    The Aftercare program provides a step down from more intensive outpatient treatment and are available to higher functioning justice involved individuals with mental health & co-occurring conditions. The length of stay is 6 months. On average, the program provides 4 hours of treatment services to each individual per month, which includes medication management, individual therapy, group therapy, case management, and crisis intervention. Individuals in this program are nearing graduation or have recently graduated from the justice system.
    Provider:  Community Solutions

    THUs provide time-limited housing stabilization and community integration services to individuals enrolled in CJS OP Services.
    Providers:  Community Solutions, Lifemoves, Heaven’s Gate

    The STEP program provides addiction and recovery services for individuals in custody to prepare for reentry into the community.    
    Services include:

    •  Assessments
    •  Psychoeducational groups
    •  Arrange for post-custody treatment and medication
    •  Transportation
    •  Linkage to housing placements


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