LGBTQ+ Trainings

The Q Corner offers an extensive menu of trainings to providers and others in the community who are looking to increase their knowledge and skills to support LGBTQ+ folks. Many of these trainings are offered in collaboration with the County Office of LGBTQ+ Affairs and all trainings are funded by the Mental Health Services Act. A summary of all trainings can be found here: LINK TO FLYER.

Reoccurring Trainings:

The following trainings are offered regularly, with the primary route of registration being through sccLearn. Details about other ways to register as well as the current dates and flyers for these trainings can be found on the Learning Partnership Training page.

  • Understanding Gender, Attraction, and Expression Beyond the Binary: A SOGIE 101 (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression)
    This foundational SOGIE 101 course will give participants a deeper understanding of terms and context of gender and attraction beyond the binary, through an intersectional and interactive framework.
  • Family Acceptance Project ® (registered sign)
    This evidence-based course focuses on helping families support LGBTQIA+ children and youth by promoting well-being and reducing health risks through increasing accepting behaviors. This interactive training by Dr. Caitlin Ryan is open to providers, educators, families, faith-based folks, etc.
  • Gender Wheel Workshops ®(registered sign)
    These sessions will equip early childhood practitioners on ways to affirm gender and gender exploration in young children grades pre-school to 2nd grade. These three trainings and workshops are based on a comprehensive, multidisciplinary gender theory, symbolized by the Gender Wheel ®.
  • Comprehensive Care of Gender Expansive and Transgender Youth
    This comprehensive symposium by TransYouth Care is for professionals interested in providing sensitive and competent health and behavioral health care for trans and gender non-conforming children and youth.
  • Writing the Support Letter for Gender-Affirming Health Services
    This workshop covers all the elements needed for clinicians to write support letters for gender-affirming medical services, including collaborative assessments.
  • Anti-Oppressive Communities
    This workshop will present basic frameworks of oppression and social justice, and consider action to create more equitable organizations and institutions.

Periodic Trainings:

Comprehensive Care of Gender Expansive and Transgender Youth.

The Q Corner also offers additional specialty trainings periodically, each with their own eligibility requirements. Contact [email protected] for more information on registration:

  • RISE Training and Coaching Intensive: A SOGIE 101 Train the Trainer Course
    This train the trainer course from the LA LGBT Center equips participants to deliver the SOGIE 101 Training, "RISE", a foundational training that provides best practices to support LGBTQIA+ folks. LINK TO FLYER
  • LGBTQ+ Clinical Academy
    This intensive clinical learning experience designed by Palo Alto University is a highly interactive mix of didactic and clinical consultation sessions. Participants will build advanced knowledge and skills to better serve LGBTQIA+ clients in Behavioral Health services.
  • Step In, Speak Up! For Inclusive Schools
    This interactive Kognito online module is for adults working with middle and high school students. It aims to reduce LGBTQIA+-related harassment and support LGBTQIA+ students, and includes terminology, simulated conversations, and resources. LINK TO FLYER
  • Queer Intentional Peer Support
    Intentional Peer Support (IPS) is a way to invite transformative peer to peer relationships and develop greater awareness of relational patterns and support. This course is focused on this type of peer support in LGBTQIA+ communities and services.
  • Gender Affirmative Clinical Consultation
    This closed group of service providers meets with a local specialist to navigate complex cases and provide gender affirming services for transgender, non-binary, and gender expansive clients and their families.

The Q Corner also offers additional specialty trainings as available, such as Eating Disorders in Trans Communities, Intimate Partner Violence in LGBTQ+ Relationships, LGBTQIA+ Asylum Mental Health Assessments, La Cultura Cura and Circle Keeping, and more. Contact [email protected] with any questions.

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