Our Accomplishments

Improving safe prescribing practices

We were successful in developing Primary Care Guidelines on how to safely prescribe opioids, which includes education on alternative pain treatments and opioid tapering, using buprenorphine, and promoting national safe prescribing guidelines. 

Access to Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder

We developed and conducted buprenorphine waiver training for providers, certifying 104 physicians to prescribe buprenorphine. To learn more about these trainings,  click here.

Naloxone Education & Trainings

 We have prevented overdose deaths by making Narcan (Naloxone) education and medication available countywide, and have been awarded county funding for kits to be distributed for free to anyone in the community. To date, we have conducted 15 Narca​n trainings for Probation Departments, County Courts, the Mountain View Police Department, Mission College Campus Police, Foothill-DeAnza Campus Police, and have many more scheduled. To learn more about our trainings,  click here​.

Naloxone Pharmacy Protocol

We developed and implemented a pharmacy protocol to automatically dispense Narcan kits and education for anyone prescribed opioids above 50 mg doses.

Prevention and Education

We have developed an opioid-education curriculum for universities, community colleges, law enforcement agencies, and residential treatment providers.

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