African Immigrant Community

Mental Health is a Condition, not a curse….Begin your path to recovery.

Vision statement:

The Vision of the African Immigrant Mental health Family Outreach and Engagement program is to have a community where there are no barriers or stigma associated with any form of mental illness, where there exists a strong sense of family support of one another and to improve the quality of the lives of individuals and their families affected by mental illness.

Mission Statement:

To provide support to consumers and family members experiencing mental illness and promote wellness through education, support groups, advocacy, outreach and training.


  • Outreach and Education
    • Mental Health first Aid: we hold the free class on the Ethiopian, Somali and Eritrean community centers.
  • Cultural Specific Activities
    • We hold cultural festival and celebration in different locations. Please call staff for date, time and location.
  • Outreach at Community Events
    • We attend different community events to engage with consumers and family members and provide mental health and resource information.
  • Group Support and Education
    • We have three Monthly support groups in a different community. Please call the staff for current group support date, time and location.
  • Consumer and family support and education

    • We try to help refugee and immigrant families needing support and information. We provide limited one –one support to consumers, family and we connect to appropriate mental health services.

  • Advocacy
    • We attend planning meeting to advocate for our community on mental health board.


African Immigrant Communities Logo

Mohamed Ali
ECCAC African Immigrant Team Lead
Family Outreach and Engagement Program
1075 E. Santa Clara Street 2nd Floor
Tel: (408) 792-2153
Fax: (408) 792-2158

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