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​Using our stories to make yours better. Making the connections that count!
Usando nuestras historias para mejorar las suyas. Haciendo conexiones que màs importan!

Vision Statement

The vision of the Latino Outreach and Engagement Program is to fight stigma, preserve culture, and build strength and unity among Latino consumers and family members in Santa Clara County.

Mission Statement

To reach out to our Latino community by providing beneficial life changing resources to consumers and family members with mental illness. We are community partners who draw on our “lived experiences” to assist our community. Everyday we strive to fight stigma, to preserve culture, to build strength and unity amongst Latino consumers and family members in Santa Clara County.


Outreach and Education

  • Mental Health First Aid

    The Mental Health First Aid program is an interactive session which we offer in Spanish and English. It introduces participants to risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems, builds understanding of their impact and overviews common treatments.

    ECCAC Latino hosted activities

    Spring Wellness Event - Our goal is to raise awareness, educate families and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.
  • Outreach at community events

    Mexican Consulate
    Sacred Heart Community Services
    Zumbaton event
    Cinco de Mayo parade and festival
    Guadalupe church
    Mexican American Community Services Agency (MACSA)

Group Support and Education

  • The Leadership workshop, in collaboration with Somos Mayfair, is an eight-week educational workshop for mothers of children attending Cesar Chavez Elementary School.
  • The wellness support group, in collaboration with Somos Mayfair, is an open, wellness support group.

Consumer and family support and education

  • We provide limited one to one support and education to families. We will connect families to appropriate mental health services.

Important Phone Numbers

  1. ACT for Mental Health – (408) 287-2640
  2. Gardner - Centro de Bienestar (Mental Health) – (408) 287-6200
  3. Gardner - Proyecto Primavera (Substance Abuse) – (408) 977-1591
  4. Clínica Central de Salud Mental – Plan de Acción Para La Recuperación del Bienestar (Mental Health) (408)885-6220
  5. NAMI en Español – (408) 378-6988

Community Resources

GardnerSomos Mayfair

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