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LGBTQ Wellness Program

LGBTQ Wellness was created in 2015 as a community outreach and support program intended to uplift the mental health of LGBTQ community members, and their allies. The program provides community outreach, mental health education and training, and engages in mental health advocacy and policy work to encourage the support and holistic wellness of the LGBTQ community.

Vision Statement

LGBTQ Wellness envisions a diverse, multigenerational LGBTQ community in Santa Clara County that is strengthened by an affirmative culture of wellness. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support the mental health of LGBTQ community members and allies through programs that encourage social support, holistic wellness, outreach, and education.


The most updated listing of our trainings, events, and other service offerings is available at our Website at

Mental Health Trainings & Education

  • Mental Health First Aid: Mental Health First Aid is an 8-hour course that teaches you how to identify, understand, and respond to signs and symptoms of mental illness and substance use disorders. This training provides you with the skills you need to become more comfortable reaching out and providing initial help to someone who may be struggling or in crisis. This training is available as a one day course (8 hours of curriculum per day) and a 2 day course (4 hours of curriculum per day). 
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid: Youth Mental Health First Aid is an 8-hour course that teaches adults how to support young people who may be experiencing mental illness or substance use disorders. This training is similar to Mental Health First Aid, but contains an added focus on normal adolescent development and provides more hands-on experience using the Youth Mental Health First Aid action plan. This training is available as a one day course (8 hours of curriculum per day) and a 2 day course (4 hours of curriculum per day).
  • Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR): QPR is a 2-hour gatekeeper training for suicide prevention. QPR will help you to recognize the warning signs of suicide, get help for someone in crisis, and offer hope.
  • Providing Inclusive Services and Care for LGBTQ People (Fenway Health Education Training for Mental Health Professionals): The Fenway Health Education Training addresses barriers to adequate, inclusive, and accessible healthcare for LGBTQ+ persons. The training covers common health concerns and disparities affecting LGBTQ+ community members, as well as defines pertinent LGBTQ+ concepts and terms. The training includes recommended practices to improve communication for the LGBTQ+ community, providing better "customer service," and creating a safe, affirming, and inclusive environment.

 Peer Support & Education

  • Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP): WRAP is an 8-session facilitated peer support process that helps participants to create their own Wellness Recovery Action Plan to support themselves in getting well and staying well.
    You can learn more about WRAP at​.


  • ​“LGBTQ Culture, Barriers, and Community”
  • “Increasing Cultural Understanding and Addressing Critical Barriers of LGBTQ Older Adults in Care”
  • “Addressing the Wellness of LGBTQ Older Adults”
  • “Collective Care”
  • “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (LGBTQ 101)”
  • “LGBTQ+ Community and Mental Health Care”
  • “Taste of Mental Health First Aid”

LGBTQ Community Events

  • “OUT TO” Series currently in Morgan Hill and San Jose.
  • TransFamily Community Hang Outs visit for information on the next scheduled hang out.

Community Needs Identification

  • Read the findings of our 2015 community needs assessment: Perspectives on the Mental Health of LGBTQ Communities in Santa Clara County


  • LGBTQ Wellness regularly attend meetings by the Behavioral Health Board and its various committees, as well as: the Suicide Prevention Oversight Committee​, the Mental Health Services Act Stakeholder Leadership Committee, Tobacco-Free Coalition, Healthcare Reform Stakeholder’s Group, and more.
  • LGBTQ Wellness supports a grant-funded LGBTQ Speaker’s Bureau that engages LGBTQ community members to share stories of their life experiences to spark compassion and understanding in the community at-large. The LGBTQ Speaker’s Bureau also engages in Mental Health Anti-Stigma conversations. For more information, contact [email protected].

 Additional Services

  • View our resource map for support finding LGBTQ affirmative programs and services in Santa Clara County (this map is currently being updated to reflect a more extensive list).
  • ​One-on-one Individual Support (by phone and in-person).
  • Agency referral and support.

 ​If you wish to get in touch, ask for assistance, you may visit or call:

Anthony Montalvo, Program Coordinator
Email: [email protected]

Kris Bifulco, Peer Support Coordinator
Email: [email protected]

LGBTQ Wellness
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