Substance Use Prevention Services​

What is Substance Use Prevention Services (SUPS)?

Substance Use Prevention Services (SUPS) is committed to its vision of preventing and reducing substance use disorders in the County of Santa Clara through the use of age-appropriate, culturally competent, and evidence-based programs and services.

SUPS uses the following principles in guiding the planning and implementation of prevention programs and services.

  • Prevention is Data-Driven: gather data from various sources to guide prevention decisions.
  • Prevention is Dynamic: review and analyze community needs and adapt plans to the unique and changing needs of the target community.
Prevention Pie Chart with 3 parts: Age-appropriate, Cultural Competent,  Evidence-based Programs/Services
  • Prevention is Population-based: evaluate program outcomes or changes and implement strategies that address risk and protective factors. Appropriate prevention interventions (universal, selective and indicated) are selected that are specific to the target population.
  • Prevention is for people of all ages: design prevention for substance use among different populations, such as youth, young adults, pregnant women and older adults.
  • Prevention is more successful with a team approach: prevention planning benefits greatly from participation of diverse community partners.

SUPS addresses the needs of individuals and families through substance use prevention education, information dissemination, alternative activities, and environmental change. By utilizing our core strategies, the program is able to increase knowledge and protective factors, strengthen resilience, and prevent the on-set of substance use.

Charts displaying Risk Factors; Protective Factors; Healthier Communities

Contact us

Alejandro Villalobos, SUPS Program Manager

Phone: (669) 288-2190
E-mail[email protected]


Mego Lien, Prevention Services Division Manager

Phone: (408) 310-1127
E-mail[email protected]

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