Youth Substance Use Treatment FAQ

    No, not unless you sign a consent allowing us to talk to your parents or anyone else. There is a federal law called 42 CFR Part 2 which says that youth have the right to seek and obtain substance use treatment on their own.  In California there are state laws that also allow youth that are 12 year of age or older to consent or sign-up for treatment without their parents or guardians having to be informed. ​

    Just like with your parents, we can’t discuss your treatment with anyone without your written permission.  We have been working in school sites for many years and the school staff sign contracts with to work with us and know the confidentiality laws for youth substance use treatment.​

    Please call 1(408) 272-6518

    Treatment begins with initial paperwork to inform you of your treatment rights and screening of your substance use.  This is followed by an assessment by your therapist.  An assessment is a session in which you are asked lots of questions so that you and your therapist can decide how you will best work together and what goals you have for treatment.  You are the one to decide what you want to get out of treatment and that is what we consider to be your goals.  Your services could include individual sessions, family sessions, group sessions and case management, based on what you need and are interested in.  Case Management is a service where we may help you find and get to different resources in the community or financial benefit programs.  We may also use case management to help you with other professionals that you are working alongside such as a doctor, teacher or probation officer in ways that help you with your recovery from substances.

    We use a variety of treatment techniques to help you achieve your goals.  Overall we employ a model of Harm Reduction. Therefore treatment sessions can be quite different for everyone.  We work to help empower you to make your own decisions about your substance use and how to best improve your life.​

    ​There is no set length of treatment. It depends on your individual situation and what you want to accomplish.  Once you have completed treatment we offer recovery services that help you with maintaining your success.

    If you are unhappy with any issue related to the behavioral health services you are receiving, you could use the Behavioral Health Services Department’s problem resolution process to try and resolve your concerns.

    To start the process, you can either:

    Complete the Grievance & Appeal form and give it to your provider,  drop it off, or mail it to:

    976 Lenzen Ave, 3rd Floor

    San Jose, CA 95126 

    Attention: Clinical Standards Coordinator

    You may call the Beneficiary Line at 1(408)792-5666 for assistance in filing your complaint or to speak with an on-call staff 

    from your managed c​are plan.​​


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