Suicide Prevention Events

Suicide Prevention Conference: Advancing Cultural Humility and Hope

Suicide Prevention Conference Session Recordings - May 3, 2021

  1. Keynote: Dr. Joyce Chu:  
  2. Educational Institutions: Dr. Shashank Joshi :
  3. Safe Messaging: Chloe Sorensen, JJ Singh Kapur and Vicki Harrison

  1. Data, Evaluation + Health Systems (partial recording):
  2. LGBTQ+ Mental Health, Wellness, and Self-Care: Isabella Garcia and Emmett Marsh

Suicide Prevention Conference Recordings – May 10, 2021

  1. Mental Health, Wellness, and Self-Care: Chef Carlos Pineda and Joseph Galvan
  2. Crisis Response Models: Mary Ojakian and Evelyn Quintanilla

  1. Trauma and Grief: Krista Reuther

  1. Faith: Rev. Cindy McCalmont and Dr. Chris Miller

  1. Mental Health, Wellness, and Self-Care: Lueni Masina, Nani Wilson, and Jennifer Lee Thuresson
  2. Firearm Means Restriction: Sharon Genkin and Yvonne Murray

  1. Public Education Campaigns: Jay Donoghue, Lan Nguyen, BHSD, Joy Alexiou, HHS, and Kristie Glatze

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