What is Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment is a structured, live-in program at a licensed treatment facility for clients who are having problems with the daily use of alcohol and other drugs. Separate facilities are available for men, women, and women with children. Residential treatment settings support clients’ efforts to recover from substance use disorder.

Services include a comprehensive assessment of a clients’ alcohol and substance use over time, individual and group counseling, crisis and family counseling, and education on substance use. The length of residential services depends on an assessment of an individual’s needs. 

Perinatal Residential Treatment

 ​We provide perinatal residential treatment for women with substance use disorders to both non-perinatal and perinatal clients. These services include women-specific treatment and recovery services. A woman may enter treatment for substance use disorder during their pregnancy any time during their pregnancy and can stay for up to 120 days following delivery. They live on the premises and are supported in their efforts to restore, maintain, and apply interpersonal and independent living skills and access community support systems prior to birth, through childbirth and post-delivery care.  In addition to recovery, treatment focuses on parenting and child development. Pregnancy-related services include all care normally provided during pregnancy, prenatal care, care during labor and delivery, postpartum care, and family planning, examinations and labor and delivery.  Medical necessity qualification for ongoing receipt of services is determined initially and at least every six months through a reauthorization process. The residential perinatal program follows the Perinatal Services Network Guidelines.

Residential Treatment Providers​

Parisi House on the Hill

Parisi House provides living facilities for 20 mothers and 22 children (up to age 5) who have made the choice to end the cycle of substance abuse. 

Pathway House 

Provides a 24-hour residential treatment program for persons who are suffering from dependency on PCP, heroin, alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, barbiturates​ or other mind-altering, health-impairing substances. 

​Pathway Mariposa Lodge​​

Mariposa Lodge for women, located in the hills of San Jose. Mariposa Lodge prides itself on being a facility run for women, by women, treating addiction using gender specific group therapy and 12-step ideology. 

Residential Treatment Providers -  Hours, Location, and Information​​​​​


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