Committee List

The Behavioral Health Board updated their standing committees with the latest bylaws revision approved by the Board of Supervisors. The current standing committees of the Behavioral Health Board are listed below.
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    The purpose of the Access Committee is to help improve access to County behavioral health services.

    The purpose of the Cultural Competency Advisory Committee is to advocate for the service needs of diverse community groups by studying the cultural attributes that affect our ability to reach and service our citizens supported by the Behavioral Health Services Department, and recommend improvements to programs and services to achieve better outcomes in all communities.

    The Executive committee is made up of three officers of the BHB and the chairs (or co-chairs if the standing committee chair is a BHB officer) of each of the four standing committees.

    • The BHB- Executive shall set the time and location of meetings.

    • The BHB- Executive Committee shall prepare the annual report and work plan by March 1 for submission to the BHB.

    • The Executive Committee shall review standing committees and their duties.

    • The standing committee with the most relevant expertise shall evaluate any issue that, in the opinion of a member of the Executive Committee, may be of controversial nature and/or would benefit from a preliminary review by the committee. If no standing committee has directly relevant expertise, the issue shall be evaluated by the Executive Committee.

    The purpose of this committee is to assess, recommend, and support the fiscal affairs and condition of the County Behavioral Health Services Department; examine financial and programmatic aspects of programs and services in the continuum of care; and assess potential partnerships and associations between public and private sector organizations and programs.

    The purpose of the Wellness and Recovery Committee is to help improve recovery outcomes of County behavioral health services.

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