Behavioral Health Services Provider Directories

Behavioral Health Services Provider Directories

Note: Services may be delivered by an individual provider, or a team of providers, who is working under the direction of a licensed practitioner operating within their scope of practice. Only licensed, waivered, or registered mental health providers and licensed substance use disorder services providers are listed on the Plan’s provider directory.​​​​

​​ATTENTION:  Auxiliary aids and services, including but not limited to large print documents and alternative formats, are available to you free of charge upon request. Call the SUTS Beneficiary Line at 1 (800)704-0900.

If you have trouble speaking or hearing, please call (TTY: 1.800.855.7100 or 711).

Substance Use Services: 
1(800) 704-0900
Behavioral Health Services Call Center is available: 24/7

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