Youth Substance Use Treatment Services

If you or a friend are in crisis and need to speak with someone now, please call:

SUICIDE AND CRISIS HOTLINE  24/7​​:  Dial 9-8-8​​

Children, Family & Community Services (CFCS) is a county program that offers free adolescent substance use services at 23 sites throughout Santa Clara County. Services are confidential are available to youth and young adults 12 – 21 years old.​

Our team of therapists specialize in working with youth, young adults, and families that are struggling with substance use and mental health challenges. Therapist provide individual counseling, group counseling and case management services.  Case management includes finding and connecting youth to services such as medical care, legal resources, transportation, job training and housing resources. We also have psychiatric services for youth that have depression, anxiety or other issues along with their substance use issues. 

Counseling Goals:

  • To teach our clients ways to deal with their issues.  Our therapists teach clients ways to relax, distract themselves, and how to solve problems.
  • To help our clients develop communication skills to improve their relationships with family and friends.
  • To increase our clients’ self-confidence by teaching them to deal with the outside world by working on life skills.  Life skills help us get along with others and reach our long term goals such as finishing school, going to college, or keeping a job.
  • To provide families with support in dealing with someone who has substance abuse issues.  This may include teaching families about substances or how to support a client with depression or anxiety.


Our Commitment to Clients:​

Your services are confidential
We will meet you where you are at
We will create an open space for honest discussions
We will empower you to make your own decisions

Referral Process:

If you have a youth with substance use treatment needs please call our confidential 

SUTS Youth ​Services Call Center line at: (408) 272-6518, Monday – Friday 9:00  a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Toll-Free Substance Use Services Call Center line after hours:  1-800-488-9919.


Click here for current Substance Use and Co-Occurring​ Treatment Youth System of Care Provider List, Rev. 7-13-18​.


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