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Welcome to the BHSD’s hub of Information on LGBTQ+ Information and Support, hosted by The Q Corner. We welcome you to check out the different tabs, stay connected with us by signing up for the mailing list and following us on social media, and reach out to us with any questions.

Behavioral Health Services

The Q Corner​​ ​is a peer-driven, Behavioral Health Services Department program dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ+ community and their friends, families, and allies, in Santa Clara County. This safe, welcoming, and affirming team is committed to making community services and resources available to everyone. 

The Q Corner Services include: 

  • Support Navigating Resources and Referrals
  • Peer Support and Mentoring
  • Opportunities for Social Activities and Community Building
  • Information on available Trainings and Best Practices. 

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Phone Number: (408) 977-8800
Email: [email protected]

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Resources from the Trans Care Coalition: @SCCTransCare | Linktree

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Groups & Events

Upcoming Events!

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Support Groups and Resources:

Trans / Non-binary / GNC Peer Support Group (English and Spanish Flyer)

  • Hosted with LGBTQ Wellness and the Gender Health Center, this is a space for individuals who are transgender, non-binary, GNC, gender expansive, and/or questioning their gender to collectively build community in a safe, confidential space.
  • English Group is the First and Third Monday of the month, Spanish Group is the First, Third, and Friday Monday of the month

LatinX Diversa Group (Spanish Flyer)

  • Este es un espacio para ti, como una persona que seidentifica con la comunidad LGBTQ+, o que estacuestionando su orientación sexual o género.

  • Primer Sábado y Cuarto Miércoles

Binders and Gaffs (Flyer)

  • The Q Corner offers these for free in an array of sizes and styles to folks in Santa Clara County who need them! Finding the right gaff or binder can be incredibly affirming and trying them on in person at our office is very helpful to find the right fit! Complete the below links to order one!

  • Request a Binder: 
  • Request a Gaff:   


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