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Naloxone (Narcan®)​​

If you think someone is overdosing, call 911 immediately.

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Information about Naloxone (Narcan®)

Naloxone (also known by its brand name, Narcan®) is an opioid antagonist that can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. It is usually available as a nasal or injectable medication and works by outcompeting opioids and binding on to the opioid receptor, alleviating the sedating effects of the opioid. When given during an overdose, Naloxone could restore breathing within 2-8 minutes.

California state regulations permit pharmacists to prescribe Naloxone without a prescription in accordance with the Title 16 ​California Code of Regulations Section 1746.3​.

Pharmacists go through a screening process and are required to provide counseling and education for those obtaining Naloxone. This includes prevention, recognition of overdose, response, and administration.

Click here for a PDF of how to administer Naloxone​ 

Click here for a PDF of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center’s Pharmacy Naloxone Protocol


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