Community Mobile Response Teams


The Behavioral Health Services Department is committed to providing wellness and recovery through comprehensive, well-planned programs and services that aim to meet the needs of the beneficiary, families, or community throughout Santa Clara County.

The County developed five mobile response program teams supporting various levels of risk and age groups to provide effective and compassionate crisis intervention to beneficiaries, families and the community who exhibit mental health symptoms and may be at risk for self-harm or harm to others and reduce hospitalizations and unnecessary incarcerations whenever possible.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Post-Crisis follow-up with individuals and families
  • Referral and resource linkage, and coordination of care
  • Mental health evaluations and assessments of individuals and families
  • Crisis intervention, de-escalation, safety planning
  • Hospital, Inpatient Facility, Homelessness, and Incarceration diversion
  • Connect parents/caregivers to community supports
  • Identification of coping strategies
  • Stabilization Services
  • Evaluate and assess for 5150 Criteria

The teams are made up of different types of practitioners and workforce members, including licensed and unlicensed waivered Clinicians, Master of Social Work (MSW), Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT), Family Specialists, and Peer Support Workers with training and expertise in crisis response who may work closely with law enforcement, crisis hotlines, the community and family members to deliver the best services possible.

    Dial: 9-8-8
    Mon. - Fri., 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m

    Operated by: County of Santa Clara, Bill Wilson Center and Starlight Community Services.

    In-Home Outreach Team (IHOT) provides brief clinical support and linkage to behavioral health services to residents of Santa Clara County identified as having multiple contacts with Emergency Psychiatric Services, Emergency Rooms, Behavioral Health Urgent Care, the Criminal Justice System, and/or Mobile Crisis Response Team within the span of a year. IHOT works to connect these residents to the ongoing support and treatment that they need within the Behavioral Health system.

    IHOT eligibility criteria:

    • Individuals that are 18 and older.
    • Individuals within Santa Clara County who have had 2 plus EPS visits within the last year. (The number of ED, BHUC, MCRT, Law enforcement, and Jail contacts within the last year will also be taken into consideration).
    • Individuals that have Medi-Cal or are uninsured.
    • Individuals that are not already connected to a mental health treatment provider.

    How can IHOT help me?

    • Identify barriers that an individual might have that prevents them from receiving needed treatment.
    • Provide referral for mental health and/or substance use treatment services.
    • Link individual to community-based organizations and resources.
    • Peer support and brief counseling until the individual is connected to a mental health provider.

    Dial: 9-8-8

    Hours: Open 24-hours, 7 days a week

    Operated by: Pacific Clinics

    Provides stabilization and support services for children, youth, and young adults (through age 21) experiencing mental health crisis in Santa Clara County. Therapeutic teams will consult, assess for safety, and intervene through crisis counseling with the goal of community stabilization. Post Crisis Stabilization services will be provided to ensure linkage, referral, and care coordination to existing providers and/or refer for ongoing services

    Provides 24-hour in-person intervention or phone support to children, youth and young adults in Santa Clara County who are in acute psychological/emotional crisis.

    Dial: 9-8-8

    Hours: Open 24-hours, 7 days a week

    All residents of Santa Clara County are eligible for Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT) services regardless of insurance status. 

    Mobile Crisis Response Teams screen and assess crisis situations over the phone and intervene wherever the crisis is occurring. They provide an immediate response and deliver crisis intervention services at locations throughout the county.

    Teams of clinicians respond to individuals in crisis that exhibit mental health symptoms, may be suicidal or at-risk and need an evaluation for psychiatric hospitalization. Teams are made of Master's level clinicians with training and expertise in crisis response.

    Mobile Crisis Response Teams work closely with law enforcement, crisis hotlines, the community and family members.

    Mobile Crisis Response Teams services include the following:

    • Crisis screening
    • Intervention
    • De-escalation services, and 
    • Connect or refer people to community resources

    Clinicians use a cultural humility and best practice approach in their service delivery.

    Over 200 languages are available through a language service line.

    Referral through 9-1-1

    Call 911 or the local non-emergency line

    Santa Clara County's Psychiatric Emergency Response Teams are dedicated two-person units comprised of a deputy or officer and a licensed mental health clinician. PERT provides a joint response for 911 calls for service that occur in designated law enforcement jurisdictions regardless of insurance status. 

    PERT provides rapid crisis response for situations that require a law enforcement presence. The teams arrive in an unmarked vehicle, and PERT officers are dressed down to provide a more approachable, de-escalated response. 

     PERT Clinicians are licensed mental health clinicians who are trained to work with law enforcement, conduct mental health evaluations and assessments, and assist in determining the appropriate disposition supporting individuals' needs and safety. PERT units have received Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) and Hostage/Crisis Negotiation training. 

     Psychiatric Emergency Response Team services include the following:

    • real-time crisis response and intervention
    • threat mitigation, de-escalation
    • connect or refer people to community resources
    • referral to Peer Linkage follow-up support to reduce future encounters with law enforcement
    • diversion from EPS and Jail whenever possible

    Clinicians use a cultural humility and best practice approach in their service delivery.

    Over 200 languages are available through a language service line.

    PERT is currently operational at four law enforcement agencies in Santa Clara County:

    Sheriff’s Office:

    Sunday - Friday, 1:00pm to 11:00pm

    Responds to Unincorporated Santa Clara County, and Cities of Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Altos Hills

     Palo Alto Police Department:

    Sunday - Wednesday, 12:00pm to 10:00pm

    Responds to City of Palo Alto

    Morgan Hill Police Department:

    Tuesday - Friday, 7:00am to 5:30pm

    Responds to City of Morgan Hill

     San Jose Police Department:

    7 days a week, 10:00am to 8:00pm

    Responds to City of San Jose

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